Beauty Experts Teach You How to DIY

Many clients have been asking how to self-care while we shelter in place, so I set up some video chats where beauty experts teach you how to DIY! This blog post is different than my usual since I’m treating it as a “live” document. These videos are available on my YouTube channel and IGTV, plus…

Interview | What to Do About Veins on Hands, Arms and Breasts

Often, clients ask me what to do about veins on hands, arms and breasts, so I made an appointment with an expert on the matter, Dr. Nicholas Hyde. His practice is called Elite Vein Specialists and he is truly a specialist.  Dr. Hyde is Yale-trained, Board Certified Vein Specialist in the East Bay area of…

Q and A with Shelley Skin Care

“In my experience, I understand that preventing hyperpigmentation is important in people of color. During a facial, if the skin is inflamed by applying pressure while performing extractions, ice or something cool will quickly reduce it.”

Interview | What to do About Sagging Eyelids

Art and Science are my passions. To this day I remain thankful that I was able to find plastic surgery, a discipline and life’s work that combines both.
-Andrew Barnett, MD

Pimples, Diet, Skin Problems? Let’s Ask an Expert!

When writing these posts, I refer to the expertise of Dr. David Cunningham from Santa Barbara. Our conversations and fact-finding missions are thoroughly enjoyable and educational. Here is the latest collection of questions from my skin care clients. What are the most common habits people shouldn’t do to their skin? Let your skin heal: Picking…