Why We Get Chapped Lips

Let’s uncover why we get chapped lips. By understanding why it happens we’ll be able to prevent or reduce the effects of chapped lips. 

Why We Get Chapped Lips

First things first, when you wake up in the morning, there can sometimes be a slight film of dryness on your lips. This is normal and a result of dehydration, which is the most common cause of chapped lips. Most of us go 7 to 8 hours without having anything to drink while we’re sleeping. So our body is in a dehydrated state when we wake up. This is okay! Just be sure to start your day. You can apply your favorite lip balm at night, right before bed, for additional moisture. 

How Sun Exposure Causes Chapped Lips

Sun exposure can cause chapped lips. This may be more severe during the winter months and can worsen with age. In the winter, the lack of humidity rapidly evaporates your natural moisture, leaving your lips more exposed to harsh sun rays. Similarly, aging leaves your lips vulnerable to sun exposure due to a reduction in protective oils. 

Licking Your Lips Causes Chapped Lips

Licking your lips gives yourself a little moisture boost, right? Sadly, no. Having dry lips can give you the urge to lick. Many of us do this subconsciously or out of habit. Unfortunately, licking your lips actually has the opposite effect. Our saliva contains enzymes that help us with food digestion. These enzymes break down your natural protectants and leave your lips dry once the saliva evaporates. 

Allergic Reaction and Irritation

Allergies to ingredients found in lipstick and some lip balms are not uncommon. This can cause your lips to become dry, chapped, and sometimes swollen. Other ingredients can cause slight irritation without necessarily causing an allergic reaction. Be sure that your lip balm is free of phenol, menthol, acids, camphor, and cinnamon. These ingredients may give a nice tingly sensation at first, but they dry out your lips in the long run. 

Natural Remedies for Chapped Lips

If you continue to experience dry lips, despite being well hydrated, sun protected, and irritant free, you may have a vitamin deficiency. Lacking vitamins A, B6, C, and Zinc can cause your lips to become chapped and cracked. This is because these vitamins play an important role in your skin’s ability to repair itself. Luckily, you can replenish your deficiencies by simply eating more fruits and green leafy vegetables. 

I wrote an earlier post entitled How to care for dry chapped lips in the winter, but it can happen anytime of the year. It’s such a bummer when you want to try out a new lipstick and realize you have chapped lips. Or, how about going on a date with someone you’re really attracted to and having to deal with chapped lips? No bueno! Here are some product recommendations that can prevent these situations.

Cherry-O Lip Savior & Body Balm is a creamy, multi-purpose soothing balm that can be used anywhere. It works especially well on your lips, but also can be used on various areas of the body, such as the cuticles on hands and feet, scaly patches, and cracked skin found on the heels of your feet. It’s deeply moisturizing properties help to heal windburned and sunburned skin. 

On my Amazon Storefront’s Pucker-up Lips page you’ll find healthy and effective lip care that I’ve reviewed to be cruelty-free, containing quality and natural ingredients. You’ll find brands like EOS and Burt’s Bees that are in line with my skin care philosophy. 

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