Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Learn the unexpected benefits of intermittent fasting to decide if it’s right for you. Discover skin and health benefits simply by changing your meal times.

Can HRT for Menopause Improve Skin

Discover how HRT for menopause can improve the skin. Hormone replacement therapy is life-changing. Understand how to choose the right therapy for you.

What to Expect During Menopause

A discussion on what to expect during menopause. We’ll review everything from when menopause begins to hot flashes and in-between.

Can the Keto Diet Improve Skin?

The theory works like this: if you cut out sugars and other carbs, your body will be forced to burn fat and it will learn to do so faster and more efficiently. Without carbs, the body enters into a state of “ketosis”.

What’s the Deal with Milk Alternatives?

In a nutshell, milk alternatives are better for the environment. Plus, factory-farming is a nasty business and unless you’re getting your milk straight from the teat, you can bet the cow wasn’t that happy when they donated it to your breakfast cereal.

Are Nut Milks Helpful for your Skin

This may be a nutty question, but are nut milks helpful for your skin? With more time on my hands due to the pandemic, I’ve been preparing most of our meals myself. More thought than usual has gone into keeping food interesting and not mundane. In the mornings I’ve been trying out various fruit shake…

Can We Purify the Air with Plants?

Can we purify the air with plants? Once the pandemic started people began looking for ways to sanitize everything around us. The air is no different.

To Tan or Not to Tan on Vacation

In this post, we will be uncovering the best places to tan or not to tan on vacation based on latitude (distance from the equator), altitude, cloud coverage, and UV Index. 

Wearing Masks and Cleaning Them

“A lot of us are facing daily challenges with wearing masks and cleaning them. Long gone are the days of traditional surgical and N95 masks. There are many options of hand sewn masks to choose from and each one is unique in style and fit. As cool as it is to rock stylish masks to reflect your mood it isn’t always fun and games inside the mask.”

The Importance of Human Touch

I was inspired to write a post on the importance of human touch after coming home from the grocery store one day. After washing and sanitizing all of my food, bags, tossing my gloves into the laundry and wiping down my phone, I was feeling a bit empty. You see, as I write this, we’re…

How Shelter in Place Affects Our Skin

As I was getting ready for the day I wondered how the order to “shelter in place” affects our skin. Typically, at this point in the year, we’d be looking forward to Spring and getting outdoors for some much-needed sunshine. Unfortunately, at this moment, the majority of people around the globe are dealing with the…

Bone Broth for Healthy Skin

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get healthy skin, grab your ladle because bone broth is something to scoop up. In my last post we discussed the benefits of marine collagen and now I’d like to share the benefits of the collagen found in bone broth for healthy skin.  What…

Fish and Marine Collagen in Skin Care

“collagen is absorbed directly into the blood and is transported directly to the skin demonstrating that fish and marine collagen works well for skin care.”

A Healthy Diet Can Improve Your Life

Everyone knows that a healthy diet can improve your life, but let’s explore how and why it makes a difference. Recently, I was reminded of the importance of eating well and eliminating certain things from our diet to radically improve our lives overall. Specifically, I will be sharing information on how to thrive by eating…

How Exercise Can Change Your Face

“Exercise, along with good nutrition and adequate hydration, can help to improve facial fullness and complexion, giving you a healthier, more youthful look.”

How Coffee Scrubs and Drinking Caffeine Can Help Your Skin

Ahh, coffee! The aromatic, steaming hot beverage that helps us wake up in the morning and perform at our best. We all know that coffee is great for getting a jump start, but how does it affect our skin?  Like many things, drinking or using coffee can be helpful or harmful for your skin. Let’s…

Is Washing Fruits and Vegetables Important

Is washing fruits and vegetables important components of a healthy diet? Many of us have questioned how these foods should be prepared. The short answer: Yes! For fruits and vegetables that have a skin, the FDA suggests washing them in water before you peel them. Using a clean scrub brush has been shown to remove 85%…

How Ginger and Turmeric Benefit Your Health

Inflammation affects us in many ways, from acne to joint pain. There are many ways to tackle these issues and I’m going to share with you how I use ginger and turmeric root in my daily life.

Yum! Eating Chocolate for Health and Skin

Chocolate can be an essential part of a healthy diet and beautiful skin. Dark chocolate, in particular, is rich in antioxidant flavonoids, flavonols, essential fatty acids, and a multitude of minerals. A 100 gram serving of dark chocolate can help you meet your recommended daily intake of Vitamin B6 (29%), Iron (67%), Magnesium (58%), Copper…

Can Mangoes Help with Acne, Wrinkles and Collagen

Can eating mangoes help with acne, wrinkles and collagen production? Yes! It works like this: UV radiation damages skin by triggering the breakdown of dermal collagen and fibrillin (fiber in the skin that holds everything together – connective tissue). Clinical signs of photo-aging include fine lines and deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), roughness, spider veins,…

The How-to’s on Freckles and Sun Spots

Hyperpigmentation (aka HP) occurs when a patch of skin becomes darker than its surrounding area due to increased melanin. Sun spots (solar lentigines) and melasma are among the most common forms of hyperpigmentation. Melasma is a specific type of HP that is associated with hormonal changes and appears as gray-brown patches on the face. 90%…

Diamonds and Minerals in Skin Care

We adorn ourselves with jewelry to reflect our personality made up of all of the magnificent metals and minerals that we also have on the inside and utilize to make our body function properly. 

What is the Best Way to Get Vitamin D

  In this post, I will lay out what is the best way to get Vitamin D. For most of us, the sun is the primary means of getting our daily required dose of Vitamin D3. Exactly how much sun we need to produce enough depends on many factors. The Vitamin D that we obtain…

Eat Fat For Fabulous Skin

Who knew that we need to eat fat for fabulous skin?! When it comes to preparing a meal, there are good and bad fats from which to choose. We are going to explain the healthy fats, aka Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). EFAs are a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), a more liquid fat, not…

“B” Beautiful Inside and Out

We’re buzzing about B Vitamins because they are fundamental for energy production. Skin is the largest organ in our body, and we need to support it by eating the right foods. We need to keep adding wood to the fire to consistently replace the energy that we burn off during the day. Similar to lighter…

Eat Your Way to Firm and Fabulous Skin

Vitamins come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The tastiest and most absorb-able ones come in the form of food, such as crisp red peppers, celery and juicy oranges. Let’s focus on Vitamins C, E, A, and K and how you can eat your way to healthy, beautiful skin. There are 13 universally recognized vitamins…

Better Skin Starts with Better Food

Customers often ask how to improve their skin.  Skin care products go a long way in protecting and improving skin, but diet also plays a primary role. Eating a balanced diet can enable you to achieve and maintain healthy skin.  Major contributors to a healthy diet are amino acids. Protein is comprised of various amino…