What Snail Slime Does For Skin

Interested to learn what snail slime does for skin? Find out if it’s right for you and what other anti-aging alternatives are available.

FDA Asked to Recall Sunscreens

Discover why FDA Asked to Recall Sunscreens. Learn how to protect yourself from the recent carcinogenic contaminant found in SPF products. Get informed about this byproduct, benzene.

Breaking News on the Dangers of Sunscreen

“The latest findings show that ecamsule, like many of the other chemical sunscreens, is absorbed by the body in substantial amounts, and can stay there for days, something that wasn’t well-known before.”

Is this Skin Care Goop Worth It?

“The first thing I look at is the ingredient list. Certain websites offer the ingredients right away while others have to be hunted down. These hard-to-find lists always make me suspect from the start. My focus goes straight to the first 5 ingredients, and I compare my findings to what the product is touting.”

Is Aluminum in Antiperspirant Safe?

In our last article, we discussed how antiperspirants and deodorants work to keep you fresh. Antiperspirants go one step further by physically preventing the release of sweat from your underarms. Although these products are considered safe by major health authorities, not everyone is convinced.

Breaking Down Sunscreen

The key is to understand why manufacturers choose to include certain ingredients in combination with others.

Diamonds and Minerals in Skin Care

We adorn ourselves with jewelry to reflect our personality made up of all of the magnificent metals and minerals that we also have on the inside and utilize to make our body function properly. 

Do I Have to Be a Chemist to Shop for Skin Care ?

Do you need a degree in chemistry to understand which ingredients are safe and why they are used? Often, deciphering an ingredient list is no easy task. For instance, consider our Simplified Face + Body Toner. Upon first glance, ingredients can look like a foreign language: Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Aqua (Water), Alcohol, Glycerin,…

Alcohol in Skin Care – Why Some Are Essential for Good Skin

There are a variety of alcohols available, and they are used for many things from skin care to perfume to food. Since each type is unique, it can be helpful to know a bit about the main ones. Cetearyl / Cetyl Stearyl / Cetyl is considered a fatty alcohol. Fatty alcohols are used to emulsify. They…

“B” Beautiful Inside and Out

We’re buzzing about B Vitamins because they are fundamental for energy production. Skin is the largest organ in our body, and we need to support it by eating the right foods. We need to keep adding wood to the fire to consistently replace the energy that we burn off during the day. Similar to lighter…