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Every day we are inundated with the “latest and greatest” makeup looks and techniques. What’s often not mentioned often is the quality of the makeup.

The colorful palettes and rich textures are either healthy… or not so much. After years of washing, squeezing and buffing my clients’ skin to perfection, I opt for healthy, natural makeup. There are some ingredients that just don’t belong in makeup (e.g., vinyl, nylon and talc).

Ingredients to Reconsider

Talc, also known as talcum powder, is a soft magnesium-silicate crystal. It is often used in cosmetics to “create a softened” appearance. While talc has been used in consumer products for many years, recently there have been some safety concerns regarding its connection to ovarian cancer and asbestos. Some studies have shown that talc users have a 20 to 40% greater chance of developing ovarian cancer. However, the evidence is not conclusive.

Like talc, nylon-12 is added to cosmetics to help improve texture and reduce shine. This compound is recognized as safe because it is not absorbed into the skin. However, there are some natural alternatives such as mineral powder. A big plus to mineral powders is that they often use zinc and titanium oxides which reflect sunlight.

Vinyl–what can I say? You can spin it, sit on it, but don’t wear it on your eyelids.

cosmeticsAlternative Beauty

Here, PopSugar shows Katy Perry’s latest Mermaid style, which I think is really cute. However, at the bottom of the post, they encourage you to go to a drugstore to get the look. I did some digging to find out where you can create the same look with healthier ingredients.


Jane Iredale has been my long-time favorite maker of foundation and a pioneer in the makeup industry. You can take her Foundation Quiz to pick your perfect shade. Choosing a cream-based, pressed or loose powder foundation is up to you and your lifestyle. In a recent post, I discussed pressed powder sponges, check it out. Personally, I love loose powder foundation, even though it leaves a bit of dust on my makeup table.

Eye Makeup

For the Mermaid eyeshadow, you could use the Azure color by Bare Escentuals. Mineral powders work well with water, too. If you want to create an eyeliner effect, you can use a flat, angle brush and dip the tip into the water and swirl it around the shadow pot. Press both sides of the brush down until it’s perfectly flat and draw a straight line across your eyelid. I was thrilled to find gorgeous colors on the All Natural Face website.


Mineral Fusion brand is a favorite of mine found at Whole Foods. They have several shades of blushes to choose from.


Katy Perry’s soft coral lip color is easy to find in the natural beauty world. Here are three healthy alternative lipsticks: Crazy Coral, Forever Peach and Ultra Suede

We tend to wear makeup throughout most of our lives. Coating our skin in powders and creams and inhaling the little dusty bits, day in and day out, adds up over time. Quality ingredients are key in the products you choose. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what is best for your body and your skin.

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