Animal Testing Skincare Products for China

Finding products that are safe, effective, and cruelty-free can be exhausting. Occasionally, this information is clearly printed on the label, in most cases, however, it takes a bit of investigating.

Taking a look at the country of origin, along with where the product is sold, can tell you if it may have been tested on animals.

For example, products sold in China are required to be tested on animals. However, products that are made in China for export are not required to undergo such testing. In summary, China’s animal-testing requirement only applies to products that are sold in-store, within mainland China. In other words, a product made in the U.S. that is exported to China must be animal tested. Below I have created a list of popular beauty brands that are sold in China. The guide will also live on my Shop World page.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the usage of terms such as “Cruelty Free” and “Not Tested on Animals” are entirely unrestricted. Some companies apply this term to a finished product, while others use it to describe only the individual raw-materials involved in making that product. For more information you can look at the FDA website.

The European Union banned animal testing as of 2013, and other countries, including India, Israel, Norway and Switzerland, have similar laws. The U.S. bans the sale of adulterated cosmetics but it doesn’t require animal testing to prove safety.

Products to Avoid if You Want Cruelty-free Beauty

This list is what I’ve been able to compile based on limited research. I plan to use it as a guide when recommending products on my website. Feel free to leave a comment if you know any more products that should be included of this list. It’s safe to say that when you shop on, the items listed have been researched by myself and have been found to support cruelty-free beauty!

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