Do Yoga Pants Cause Acne? How to Prevent Breakouts After Working Out


Wearing leggings, jeggings or workout pants for long periods of time can be detrimental to your skin, below the belt. Several common skin problems can arise when tight pants are worn for long periods of time.


Butt-bumps, Bumples or Butt-ne

Whatever you call it, it’s no bueno! Acne on the bum can be caused by several factors including sweat, heat, compression and tight pants that don’t allow your skin to breathe.

Ingrown Hairs can happen due to the friction of constrictive clothing. Whether you wax, shave or go ‘au naturel’ hair is constantly growing out of the follicle. As hair pushes outward, it is forced down by the pants, which encourages it to grow in a straight line, just under the surface, or to curl back down and around.

Yeast Infections (or worse) can also be increased in general from wearing damp, restrictive clothing. Tight-fitting clothes decrease air flow and lead to excessive moisture buildup.

Skin irritation and itchiness, tinea cruris or “jock itch” is a fungal infection that commonly affects men, but can impact women, as well. Exercise pants can create a damp, warm environment that fosters fungal growth leading to painful itching.

Simple Solutions

  • During exercise, wear sports undergarments with anti-wicking benefits

  • Immediately shower or at least change out of your sweaty workout wear afterward

  • Wash your exercise attire after each use

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants all day

bumpsBody washes and moisturizers also have a say in the health of your skin. Pore-clogging product ingredients like mineral oil and petrolatum, which are found in popular moisturizers, can contribute to red bumps.

You may want to use a body scrub or the Adios Ingrown Hair Tonic, containing salicylic acid, to combat unsightly bumps. Another favorite recommendation is to simply ice the affected area for a few minutes when there’s an active lesion. If you have scars from previous bumps, you can use the Brighten Up Bar with kojic and azelaic acid that will brighten and lighten spots.

In a nutshell, keeping it cool, loose and airy may not sound sexy, but neither is butt-ne!

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