Are You Experiencing Midorexia?

Are you experiencing midorexia and you don’t know it? Good news! It’s not a pathology. Midorexia is a spin-off on the old mid-life crisis, without the crisis. It describes active people in their 40’s to 50’s who take good care of themselves and is just as hot (if not hotter) than they were when they were 25 years old. However, now they’re not on a budget eating ramen noodles out of a styro-cup.

When I was 25, I thought when I turned 50 I would be putting my hair up into a beehive-style and wearing a roomy housecoat. I guess it’s because that’s what I saw women doing back then. Well, we’re a long way from the 70’s now friends! If midorexia came in a pill, I’d take one-a-day.

What is Midorexia

Simply put, midorexia is a state of mind. It affects both men and women equally and, typically, starts at 50. For some, midlife brings a sudden surge of energy and a blossoming of vibrancy. The greatest challenge in midorexia? Having beautiful, youthful skin that matches your newfound energy.

This new energy may come from lifestyle and society changes that are helping us to live longer, healthier lives. Having a heart attack at age 50 used to be normal. At 55, you probably would have been starting your search for a good senior living facility to spend the rest of your years. Nowadays, fresh food and fitness is everywhere you look. Farmers’ markets and yoga studios are busier than ever. While many of these changes are prevalent in cities, people everywhere are starting to see and insist upon healthier restaurant and grocery store options.

cotzSun Protection is a Major Factor

I live in a city with health and wellness at its core. If you ask most San Franciscans over 45 how old they feel, they’ll say “oh, about 26”. This feeling of youth is powerful and snowballs into so many areas of our lives that it’s truly an incredible experience. Since we’re biking, hiking up mountains, and taking regular yoga classes, the body is performing at its best – the body is physically fit, lean and toned. This leads me to the skin. Skin care becomes a necessity because you want to keep your skin looking good since the rest of you does.

Sun protection is a major factor. A lot of clients come to me asking for the best anti-aging product and I’ll ask if they’re wearing SPF daily. Their nose crinkles and a little hint of shame crosses their faces. SPF 30 is the #1 way to maintain a youthful look and the health of the skin. More information on how to choose the perfect sunscreen can be found in a previous post.

Once you’ve committed to sun protection you can then start looking for other types of products that are made with natural ingredients and contain nutrients that cater to your particular skin care needs.

A great anti-aging serum can be your secret weapon.

Whether you’re looking for something to reduce wrinkles or boost exfoliation, you need to find what works best for you. There are serums packed with plant-based stem cells, eye care and retinol creams that thicken the skin while reducing wrinkle-depth. Keep a lookout for my new CBD serums. One is for anti-aging and is designed to calm your skin and reduce fine lines. The other is an exfoliating serum which is rich in natural exfoliants that can help with taming even the most troublesome skin.

Remember, getting a good night’s rest is the least expensive way to look young and fresh.

Midorexia and Hair Color

As for our hair, color runs the gamut. We can now even go gray and be trendy when once upon a time it was discouraged. We can have ombre-gray or balayage with hints of silver shining through or continue, as usual, being bold blondes, bright reds and rich brunettes. We can continue dyeing our brows or bikini lines to match, (yes, that is a “thing” and, yes, I do that as a service) to keep out the grays.

In conclusion, there’s a word that a friend uses to describe our age group, “perennials”. It’s a great word and means enduring and lasting a long time. Whatever you call it, midorexia, perennials or what have you, I believe we are as young as we feel. Gone are the days when 50’s are considered middle-aged. Bring on the party!

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