Bone Broth for Healthy Skin

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get healthy skin, grab your ladle because bone broth is something to scoop up. In my last post we discussed the benefits of marine collagen and now I’d like to share the benefits of the collagen found in bone broth for healthy skin. 

What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is made from animal bones, connective tissue, ligaments, and skin. These parts are simmered for 12-48 hours, unlocking an ocean of collagen, gelatin, and amino acids. The main differences between broth, stock, and bone broth are quantity and time. A typical broth can be made quickly with bouillon or simmered meat in water. Broth tends to be thin in texture and light in color. Stock and bone broth seem very similar to me because they both come out with a thick, condensed texture, are dark in color, and have a rich flavor. The texture is due to the break down of the protein, lipids (fats), animal collagen, and gelatin that is cooked out of the bones. Traditionally, stock or bone broth focuses more on the bones, rather than the meat. 


Does Bone Broth Promote Healthy Skin

You can use bone broth to achieve healthy skin because it gives you access to necessary amino acids, nutrients, and minerals that are stored in animal bones. One of these nutrients is collagen. Collagen is a family of 30 proteins that are involved in forming skin, ligaments, and bone. Fibroblasts in our skin generate collagen on a regular basis using amino acids, minerals, and vitamins as building blocks. Collagen growth primarily happens while we’re asleep and free of stress. 

Is there a Difference Between Homemade or Store-bought Bone Broth?

boneThe main differences are time and ingredients. If you have the time to simmer a big pot of bone broth for hours, nothing beats the flavor of homemade. Furthermore, you’ll probably use fresh carrots and onions, whereas the box type of broth sometimes contains things like onion powder, carrot juice, and “extras”, such as, yeast extract and sugar. There’s nothing wrong with using those additional ingredients, since it’s important for shelf preservation.

So turn down the lights and relax with a tasty, piping hot bowl of bone broth and soon you’ll be growing collagen in your sleep. 

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