Does Beauty Tape Really Give You an Instant Face Lift

Wanting an instant face lift? Let’s see if beauty tape really does the job! Imagine going to bed, putting a piece of tape on your skin, and waking up with less wrinkles. Silicone-based tapes have been advertised as solutions for reducing wrinkles, but do they actually work?

The Pro’s

According to their manufacturers, these tapes help to keep the skin in place and prevent deep wrinkles from forming overnight. They often contain hyaluronic acid and other compounds to help “fill-in” existing wrinkles and soften skin. Because they are made from medical-grade silicone, in theory, they should not cause irritation. However, these claims are not supported by scientific evidence and the results may vary greatly, depending on skin-type.

The Con’s

Covering a large patch of skin with silicone tape may restrict circulation, possibly leading to clogged pores. Furthermore, positive results achieved from using facial and body tapes are temporary, not permanent.



Anti-wrinkle Facial Tape

For the face, I found anti-wrinkle face tape that you can apply to the various areas of concern. You could also trim them with scissors to make them fit perfectly. This particular neck patch has alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) infused into the silicone which increase cellular turnover. These patches always catch my husband off guard when he rolls over and sees tiny stickers all over my face. It’s definitely not a sexy look!

Other areas can develop problems too. Some of my clients are side sleepers and complain about lines in their decollete area, especially in women with larger breasts. This can occur due to a lifetime of sun exposure plus the compression of sleeping on their side. An easy way to prevent wrinkles is to train yourself to sleep on your back to avoid skin creases.

After hearing these complaints, I have found 3 options that may help prevent further damage to the decollete area. One is a silicone pad which is lightweight and easy to use. I’d say that the exfoliating AHA’s in the silicone are what do most of the work. The second is a bit larger silicone pad covering more surface area. The third is a pillow bra which seems to allow for a separation of the breasts which reduces the squishing effect.

Laser Resurfacing

While using these products is unlikely to cause any serious damage, there are alternatives available through a dermatologist. Laser resurfacing, for example, is an aggressive treatment that is well known for producing long-lasting results. It works by removing layers of skin and promoting collagen growth which will give a smoothing effect.

Wrinkle-reducing Skin Care

HiSerumIf you want a less invasive option, look for home care products containing retinoids (retinol), vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids.  My newest product, Hi Serum, is filled with 500mg of CBD which is a major anti-inflammatory. It also contains other wrinkle-reducing ingredients to smooth and soften your skin.

You can discuss peel options with your Esthetician and work your way towards less wrinkles with a professional. 

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