Is G-Beauty Worth It?

Let’s look into German beauty, otherwise known as G-Beauty and find out if it’s worth it. G-Beauty is not a new concept, but it does sound cool, given all of the hype around the alphabet soup of skin care these days.

German skin care has been used in the US since the 1920’s. Today, however, there are a few new companies popping up and making waves. Are they splash-worthy? I can’t tell. What I can say is that the price point is exorbitant for some. For example, The Best Eye by MBR retails for a whopping $1,222.00 per ounce. Is this G-Beauty worth it? From the looks of the ingredient deck it’s hard to know, as they have two MBR patented components; it is impossible to figure out the true identity and function of these two ingredients. We just have to trust them and take their word for it.

MBR Ingredient Patents

MBR® FibroBoost Complex – Unverifiable on US Patent website

MBR® SmoothM8 – Unverifiable on US Patent website

Non-MBR Ingredients

Beautifeye™ – Supports the upper eyelid, reduces lines, dark circles and puffiness

Thalassine 2G® – antioxidant and myorelaxing agent (subtle muscle relaxant)

Ectoin – Naturally protects from UVA-damage

Hyaluronic Acid – Retains water to keep your skin moist


Inositol – Vitamin B complex assists in maintaining the health of skin cells

Betain – Reduces moisture loss

Rosmarinyl™Glucoside – Reduces inflammation and encourages moisture

Berry Wax –  Emulsifier and texture additive

Shea Butter – Provides fatty acids and vitamins, which  soften the skin

Panthenol – Improves hydration, reduces inflammation and has healing effects

German Standards

beautyThere was a time, not all that long ago, when German standards of quality skin care were much higher than the American market. I noticed a small shift starting around 2003 when my customers started appreciating the “natural”, “organic” and healthy ingredients that were being offered to them. However, before that became an American trend, the German market demanded environmentally-conscious products and healthy ingredients. Some of those G-Beauty products include WeledaNiveaBabour and Dr. Hauscka.

G-Beauty Ingredient Search

While there is no doubt that G-Beauty was a pioneer in using environmentally responsible, high-quality ingredients, today there are many manufacturers around the world who do something similar for a lower price. In looking at some of the ingredients listed in The Best Eye MBR product, I found the ingredient Beautifeye™ in the Mezo Complex eyelid mask for $9.99, (of course, I had to order one!). As for the Thalassine 2G® I found a cleanser by Oceane that looks interesting. As for the rest of the ingredients in The Best Eye, they’re easily found in loads of products.

If you’re interested in G-Beauty, consider taking a deeper look into products like Dr. Hauscka. They consistently use high quality ingredients and are much more affordable than MBR. Furthermore, you can achieve exquisite results by blending two eye treatments together and still have enough money leftover to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. You can find natural, effective and thoroughly evaluated eye products on my Amazon Storefront. I’m always happy to receive photos and emails from my readers to give personalized advice when needed.

German Engineering

MBRSince German engineering is to be revered, I was scratching my head when I came across this image of The Best Eye MBR. Now, mind you, this sells for 12 G’s, so in what universe is this label going to be crooked? Would I pay over a thousand dollars for this jar? Not a chance.


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