The Buzz on ‘Back-ne’ aka Back Acne

Pimples popping up on the back are unsightly and can be uncomfortable. Acne can form anywhere on the body; however, acne on your back is different from acne that appears on your face. The skin on your back is much thicker which causes acne to form much deeper and appear more cystic than facial acne. Unless you’re a yogi, the back is the hardest area to reach, making it a challenge to properly cleanse your back and treat the problem.

The Deal Is

With back acne, the physical environment plays an important role in its formation and prevention. Your back can become a sweaty, hot, damp place and what you wear can create an irritating environment. The friction from wearing tight, non-breathable clothing can turn a small, minor breakout into a severe one.

How to Solve Back-ne

  • Wear breathable clothing; cotton or other natural fibers with anti-wicking benefits, when exercising.
  • After working out, change your shirt, even if you don’t have time for a shower.
  • Shower daily (hush now, not everyone does) and immediately after working out.
  • Use a body scrub at least three times a week with salicylic acid (sugar scrubs won’t cut it) or use a spray toner all over your back, daily.
  • Use a gentle back scrubber with your favorite cleanser 3-4 times per week.
  • When experiencing active breakouts, lie down on a cold compress for up to 20 minutes, as often as you’d like. Wrap the compress in a towel and wet the side that is against your skin.

Males + Females

Male teenagers have much more testosterone than females, although these hormones do level out as we age. Males have slightly thicker skin which tends to cause cystic, longer-lasting breakouts. Also, during puberty, they experience more sebum (oil) production. On the positive side, males have a higher amount of collagen, which makes them a bit more resistant to UV rays (sun damage).

Note → Too much sun exposure can create a hot, damp environment and encourage bacteria growth for everyone.

back acneFemales (or males) with long hair have a higher chance of breakouts when they let their hair down. Underneath those lovely locks, there is a good chance that oil and hair product residue are locked in, resulting in a warm, damp area for a bacteria bonanza.


Follow the simple steps above and you’ll be on your way to a strapless, backless, beautiful back!



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