A Tell-all From a Bikini Waxer…(Part II)

My previous post offered the information needed before a bikini wax, and now we can focus on what you should know during the service.

Types of Wax

There are two main types of wax; soft and hard. Both are applied warm but soft wax is removed with a muslin or pellon strip. Hard wax shrink wraps around the hair so when it dries it hardens, and you can pull the wax itself. There’s always a debate of which one feels better than the other. I’ve done double-blind tests, and it’s almost impossible to determine which is better. Experienced waxers have a sense of when to use one or the other, and they will get the job done.

Waxing Style

There are 3 main styles of bikini waxing and every waxer has their own name but here are the basics:

Bikini – We call this the granny panty. If you imagine a pair of your grandma’s undies, all waxing happens outside of those lines. It’s good for daily swimmers who have hair peeking out of their suit.

Extended Bikini – This is a nice and tidy wax. It’s like a rectangle shape from the lower belly area all the way back to your cheeks. You can decide whether you want it narrow or wide.

Brazilian Bikini – This one is where you can bare it all if you want to. Some people like to leave a patch of hair (soul patch) at the top and shape it into a rectangle, triangle or occasionally round. It’s a personal choice or sometimes the client’s partner will have a specific request. Your comfort level and mood will determine whether you dare to bare or not.


In my (not so) humble opinion trimming is a must! I prefer that clients leave it to the experts and not try “cleaning it up” before they come in. You’ll risk maiming yourself or cutting the hair so short that the waxer can’t get anything off.Bikini Wax

I train Estheticians how to use electric beard trimmers during waxing services. There are guards that snap onto the trimmer so you can adjust the length of the hair. Guard #1 gives you a crew cut and sometimes a stubble, scratchy feel for a couple of days. A #2 gives you a cropped but just-about-perfect length. It’s the preferred length of my clients. If you get into a #3 it’s probably for the granny panty…a bit long but kempt.

Note to Self

Estheticians have their own waxing techniques. There’s honestly nothing more annoying for an Esthetician than to be told what type of wax to use and where it should be applied. If they came highly recommended, let them do what they do best. Lay back and keep your eye on the prize.

Double Dipping

Like the Seinfeld episode demonstrates, double dipping is a no-no. It’s important when working on the bikini area that your Esthetician doesn’t use a spatula on you and then puts it back into the pot. However, they can turn it around and use the other side since the spatulas are usually long and there’s plenty of space on the other end.

After-wax Care

Once the waxing part is over, your Esthetician will dissolve any residue with a light oil or remover. You may want to purchase a post-wax soothing balm and a bottle of Adios Ingrown Hair and Razor Bump Tonic if you’re prone to bikini bumps. bumpsIf you feel sensitive down there, you can always use an ice pack which I have previously described here. If you’re planning on going on vacation, wait 1-2 days before running into salty sea water, that never feels good. Also, try waxing at least one day before a romantic date.

As a final note, always pre-book your appointments, especially if you have a preferred Esthetician. Clients tend to forget to pre-book for holidays and sometimes can’t get their ideal appointment. Even if you have to move an appointment receptionists are more likely to work with you if you’re already on the books.

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