Can HRT for Menopause Improve Skin

Discover how HRT for menopause can improve the skin. Hormone replacement therapy is life-changing. Understand how to choose the right therapy for you.

Does Menopause Change Your Skin

Most of the skin changes that happen in menopause can be traced back to reduced collagen and elastin levels. Up to one third of collagen is lost during the first 5 years of menopause. This loss of collagen makes skin less firm, thinner, more fragile, and prone to wrinkles. Furthermore, reduced elasticity can make pores appear larger as they no longer snap back into place.

What Happens Leading Up to Menopause

What happens leading up to menopause is a big issue for women. There are many facets to aging, so let’s start out by tackling perimenopause, and subsequent posts will cover menopause entirely.