How to Hydrate Your Skin Chicago Style

People suffering from skin conditions, such as acne, should actively avoid using petroleum jelly products. Vaseline and other similar compounds essentially seal in dirt, exacerbating breakouts.

How Ginger and Turmeric Benefit Your Health

Inflammation affects us in many ways, from acne to joint pain. There are many ways to tackle these issues and I’m going to share with you how I use ginger and turmeric root in my daily life.

Facial Cleansing Tips: Wipes or Washcloths

In our nighttime routine, we have a choice to wash face or use a cleansing wipe. At first glance, using a cleansing wipe to remove makeup, dirt, and oils might seem like an attractive option; it takes just a few seconds and then you can be off to bed. However, it’s important to know that…

A Deeper Look into Tap, Thermal, Toner and Micellar Water

Frequently, clients ask me about the various types of hydrating and cleansing waters. Here’s my take: Tap Ahh, good ole tap water. The first thing we learn in Esthetics school is how to cleanse the skin with warm soapy water. To me, nothing feels better than water or gets the job done quicker. Depending on…