The Difference Between PRP and PRF

Discover the differences between PRP and PRF, two popular skin and hair rejuvenation treatments. Learn how PRP, also known as the Vampire Facial, has been used for many years and how PRF is now being used for new hair growth. Understand the process, including the importance of being fully hydrated and the use of a centrifuge to create plasma, platelet, and red blood cell layers. Find out the benefits of PRF, including the concentration of platelets and recommended course of treatment. Keep your skin and hair looking young and healthy with this comprehensive guide

What are Scarlet and Vampire Facials

The Scarlet and Vampire facials are skin rejuvenation treatments that use modern technology and microneedling to improve the appearance of the skin. The Scarlet facial uses radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, while the Vampire facial delivers platelet-rich plasma deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production. Both treatments can be enhanced with the addition of platelet-rich fibrin or platelet-rich plasma for added growth factors.

Can HRT for Menopause Improve Skin

Discover how HRT for menopause can improve the skin. Hormone replacement therapy is life-changing. Understand how to choose the right therapy for you.

Does Menopause Change Your Skin

Most of the skin changes that happen in menopause can be traced back to reduced collagen and elastin levels. Up to one third of collagen is lost during the first 5 years of menopause. This loss of collagen makes skin less firm, thinner, more fragile, and prone to wrinkles. Furthermore, reduced elasticity can make pores appear larger as they no longer snap back into place.

What To Do About Various Types of Dermatitis

Clients often come in asking what to do about various types of dermatitis, so today we’re going to take a good look at it.  Dermatitis is essentially skin inflammation. The term “dermatitis” is somewhat broad and actually refers to a number of different conditions. You’ll often see it combined with a qualifier, such as “contact…

Interview | What to Do About Veins on Hands, Arms and Breasts

Often, clients ask me what to do about veins on hands, arms and breasts, so I made an appointment with an expert on the matter, Dr. Nicholas Hyde. His practice is called Elite Vein Specialists and he is truly a specialist.  Dr. Hyde is Yale-trained, Board Certified Vein Specialist in the East Bay area of…

Why We Get Chapped Lips

“Licking your lips gives yourself a little moisture boost, right? Sadly, no. Having dry lips can give you the urge to lick.”

When to Use Compression Socks

“For best results, you should slip into your compression socks several hours before your flight. Try not to wait until you board the flight.”

Latisse, Hair and Lash Growth Serums

“Allergan filed for a patent using bimatoprost to promote hair growth on the skin or scalp. This may be a sign of a new hair loss product coming our way in the near future! “

How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Let’s discuss how to get rid of pimples fast, so you can get back to living the dream! We’ll start with a description of pimple types.

Beauty without Surgery and Fillers

“You can certainly do a combination of fillers, Botox and laser, but if you’re trying to avoid injectables, laser will do the trick nicely.”

Vaginal Rejuvenation Explained (Part II)

Every woman is a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation at almost any age. Since every woman is dealing with their own unique issues, there seems to be something for just about everyone.

Cold Sores and Secrets for Treatment

Being aware and considerate of others is essential to avoid the spread of cold sores. Kissing is off limits during this time, sharing utensils, lipstick or lip gloss is a major faux pas.

Vitiligo and How to Deal With It

Here are some answers to the questions what is vitiligo and how to deal with it. As I was packing my bikini for vacation, I decided to try it on to see how it fit. After looking at my body from every angle I noticed a small white spot on my leg. I knew right…

Dealing with Hyperpigmentation and Scarring

“In most cases, when dealing hyperpigmentation and scarring, I prefer using chemical exfoliants (alpha hydroxy acids) rather than physical, scrub-based exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants are often easier to control and have a more uniform effect. For optimal results, visit a trusted skin care professional who has in experience with treating hyperpigmentation.”

Eyebrow Treatments for Hair Growth

Let’s talk about eyebrows. These little patches of hair help your eyes to be free from sweat, water, and other debris. When they’re not keeping our eyes clean, eyebrows help to communicate emotions by adding emphasis to facial expressions. This is why eyebrow grooming is often a part of our routine. Eyebrows that are lush…

Helpful Tips for Hair Thinning and Loss

“50 percent of women experience some degree of hair thinning or hair loss before age 50. After menopause, estrogen levels significantly drop. Estrogen plays a strong role in supporting hair growth.”

What Causes Ashy Skin?

Many people use the term “ashy” to describe dry skin. But what exactly does this mean? When taken literally, one can imagine skin covered with a thin layer of ash. Although it is commonly used to describe African-American type skin, anyone can have ashy skin. It’s just far more noticeable in those with darker skin…

Are These Varicose Veins on My Legs?

Varicose veins are large, twisted blood vessels that appear just below the skin’s surface. These veins may appear anywhere on the body, however, they are most commonly seen in the legs. For most people, these veins are simple a cosmetic issue. Nevertheless, they can be indicative of an underlying circulatory condition.    Why do varicose…

Which Therapies Work Best to Reduce Stretch Marks

Clients are typically self-conscious when it comes to their stretch marks. They want to know “why me” and how can they get rid of them ASAP! Here are my findings… Stretch marks, also known as striae, appear when there is a rapid change in growth, such as during puberty, pregnancy or weight gain. When skin is…