Brow Trends, Grooming and Eyebrow Treatments

Part II of my recent post called Eyebrow Treatments for Hair Growth.

With the New Year around the corner, trend articles are popping up everywhere. I find it fascinating to watch how brows change through time. Every few years we see brows expanding and decreasing in size. They go from thick to thin, arched, rounded tops to sharp peaks and back again. What I’ve enjoyed most recently is watching the creative use of different makeup to create insta-perfect brows. Using makeup to design a shape is much easier than relying on actual hair growth.  

As we head into 2019, prepare to see a fuller brow with a medium-high arch and clean, tapered ends. For me, this is a classic, glamorous brow that suits most people.

Brow Trends

Eyebrow Grooming Techniques

Waxing, tweezing, shaving, and threading brows are the most common ways to remove excess hair. The skills needed to give a proper shape are one of the most critical components. An Esthetician wielding a wax wand can make or break how you feel about yourself over the next 3 weeks. No matter which medium is used to remove hair, a critical component is the conversation between you the professional. What shape would you like? That is the question.

Magazine images definitely help your brow-shaping professional get a sense of what you’re looking for, but it depends entirely on what hair you have to work with.

Side Effects from Hair Removal

The first step to healthy eyebrows is regular maintenance. When grooming your brows, it is crucial that you use a gentle touch. This is because repeated skin trauma and inflammation can cause permanent damage and hyperpigmentation. Avoid frequent tweezing. Too much tweezing can cause hair to grow back in patches and it can permanently damage the follicle.

If you are experiencing hair-loss, you may be able to reverse some of it by regularly applying castor oil or jojoba oil. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. It can help nourish your hair, along with the skin around it. Apply the castor oil nightly, alone or mixed with jojoba oil for more fluidity.

I found two types of castor oil. One is light in color, cold-pressed and the other is a richly dark-roasted version. Interestingly, they both boast of their ability to stimulate hair growth. Keep in mind these are used only for topical applications and not for ingestion.

Other Skin Reactions from Waxing

Some people have skin reactions after brow waxing or over-waxing. They can experience redness, superficial tearing of the top layer of skin, which can look like a burn or develop white-watery, itchy bumps. If you have such reactions, you can refer to my previous post where I share tips on corrective care.

Why Do Eyebrow Hairs Change Texture

As we age, hair starts to lose its texture and elasticity. This is what causes the appearance of those unsightly, wiry hairs that seem to grow in their own direction. With the addition of shrinking oil glands, brow hairs can become dry and brittle.

brow trends

How to Control Wiry Eyebrows

Just like our body, hair needs vitamins and oils in order to stay healthy. In addition to eating a diet rich in Vitamin D, B12, and Biotin, there’s something else that you can easily do at home every day. Anytime you’re in the shower apply a bit conditioner to your index finger and gently rub it into each of your eyebrows. Let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing off. This infusion of hydrating nutrients can help those wiry hairs soften up and lay flat.  

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