The Truth About Eyebrow Tattoos and Microblading

Eyebrow tattoos and microblading have gained popularity recently, however tattoos date back to the time of mummies. It seems people have always wanted to adorn their bodies with colorful art. It’s only natural that we want to fill in, create brow shapes and add beauty marks.

What is Microblading

Microblading involves using tiny needles to create thin, natural-looking eyebrow hairs.
It is considered semi-permanent and lasts 1 – 3 years. Microblading differs from tattoos in that pigment (not ink) is deposited into the epidermis (dead skin). Since skin is constantly growing and regenerating, the color eventually exfoliates off. This is why microblading fades faster than tattoos.

The Truth About Eyebrow Tattoos

Permanent Makeup and Eyebrow Tattoos

Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo which uses pigment while tattoos use ink. In both cases needles are inserted into the dermis (live skin). This allows the color to withstand exfoliation and remain visible for several years. Permanent makeup and tattoos can have similar issues which include possible infection, allergic reaction, and problematic MRI’s, which is explained below. The transmission of infection, such as hepatitis, is a serious condition that can be avoided via basic hygiene and sterile techniques. Any time a foreign substance is introduced into the body there is a potential for allergic reaction. Furthermore, iron oxide, the pigment most commonly used, rarely causes reactions and is considered very safe.

Can Microblading and Tattoos cause MRI Burning

Injecting metal-based ink/pigment into your skin introduces the potential for another issue: MRI burning. Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI for short utilizes ultra-strong magnets to take 3D images of the body. These magnets can cause a burning sensation at the inking site, so it’s important to tell your MRI technician at the time of your appointment. Thankfully, the burning reaction is only temporary and rarely causes serious injury.

Does Microblading Replace Waxing

No. You will have to continue to groom your brows via waxing, tweezing, or threading. Unfortunately, microblading and tattooing are not hair removal treatments. However, you can use the microbladed or tattooed area as a guide, but the hair will continue to grow normally.

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