How to Attract a Lover

Have you ever wondered how to attract a lover or the chemistry behind it? Let’s do a deep dive into the skin and its functions to find out how to sniff out and attract a lover.

how to attract a loverYou may have met someone and thought they had a certain “je ne sais quoi”, as the French say, or a little something that you couldn’t put your finger on. It could be that you were close enough to get a whiff of what lies within their skin. Whatever it was you were instantly attracted to that person. Putting looks aside, let’s talk about how to attract a lover using our animalistic nature and pheromones.

What are Pheromones?

Simply put, they are a form of chemical communication. In humans, pheromones may be found in the secretions of our sweat. They are thought to play a role in attraction and sociosexual behavior. Entomologists discovered that insects are known to use certain pheromones to alert others of predators.

Pheromones can be placed into three main classes: axillary steroids, vaginal aliphatic acids, and vomeronasal stimulators. Axillary steroids are produced in the apocrine glands, testis, ovaries, and adrenal glands.

Axillary steroids pheromones are androstenone, androstadienone and androstenol.

Androstenone (male): This pheromone is said to be secreted by men as an attractant for women. Women are most sensitive to this hormone during ovulation. During this time, it can have a positive effect on their mood.

Androstadienone (male): Affects the limbic system. It stimulates a positive reaction in women, improving overall mood.  Men on the other hand, may react negatively to this pheromone. In addition to improving mood, androstadienone can increase attention towards emotional information, making women feel more focused.

Androstenol (female): This is commonly considered to be a female pheromone. It is thought to invoke warmness and friendliness. It is also quite possibly the pheromone responsible for ovulation synchronization with other females.

Copulins (vaginal aliphatic acids) are volatile fatty acids that are found in vaginal fluids. There are six types of copulin. Women may release copulins in various combinations and amounts. Right before ovulation, copulin production increases signaling peak fertility.

Especially interesting on the topic of how to attract a lover is the effect of copulins on men in the vicinity. Apparently, studies show that men who were less attracted to a group of women’s faces, once exposed to copulins, were more attracted to the women!

Vomeronasal organ -Located within the nasal cavity, just above the roof of the mouth, this organ is thought to contain sensory neurons that can detect specific volatile organic compounds. Think of this as a nasal pheromone detector. Vomeronasal pheromones may provide information about an individual’s immune system. This can be viewed as a form of “sexual selection,” allowing females to choose individuals who are most likely to yield healthy offspring.   

If you’re interested in learning more about the science of human pheromones, consider reading Dr. George Preti’s information found at the Monell Chemical Senses Center Dept. of Dermatology at UPenn. His research focus is on human body odors and pheromones. Check him out on Twitter.  

Even babies respond to pheromones! A mysterious pheromone-like substance released from a mother’s areola glands can cause babies to stick out their tongues and suckle.

Note: There is solid evidence supporting axillary steroids and vaginal acid pheromones while the vomeronasal organ largely remains theoretical.

What Can You Do to Attract a Lover

Ever since I learned about pheromones I’ve been advising my bikini-waxing clients to leave a little patch of hair “down there”. Pheromones are released from sweat along the hair shaft, specifically in the pubic area, so leaving a patch could potentially boost your chances of attracting a lover since pubic hair helps to trap these pheromones, extending their effects. If you’re interested in learning more about bikini waxing you can read one of my previous posts on the subject.

For the science lovers, this would be where the axillary steroid pheromones come into play: apocrine glands surrounding the hair shaft secrete these pheromones.

Pheromone Fragrance

There are a handful of companies marketing pheromone-based fragrance which may help you in the quest of how to attract a lover. They offer lovely blends of floral, fruity and flirtatious aromas to drive lovers mad. The Alpha Dream brand spends quite a bit of time and money on pheromone research. Their website is well done and has a lot of useful information that they’ve gleaned. Their cologne has real potential to be effective since it combines all three known axillary pheromones into one solution. I just ordered a bottle since my lover and I are about to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and I’d like to lock down another 20!

Various Pheromone Fragrance Brands

Marilyn Miglin offers a roll-on and a variety of sprays.

RawChemistry has a perfume spray and an oil for women to attract men.

SexyLife offers an interesting roll-on as well as a dropper bottle for men to attract women.

There are brands that offer same sex pheromone attraction in body products and shampoos.

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