The Difference Between PRP and PRF

Discover the differences between PRP and PRF, two popular skin and hair rejuvenation treatments. Learn how PRP, also known as the Vampire Facial, has been used for many years and how PRF is now being used for new hair growth. Understand the process, including the importance of being fully hydrated and the use of a centrifuge to create plasma, platelet, and red blood cell layers. Find out the benefits of PRF, including the concentration of platelets and recommended course of treatment. Keep your skin and hair looking young and healthy with this comprehensive guide

What are Scarlet and Vampire Facials

The Scarlet and Vampire facials are skin rejuvenation treatments that use modern technology and microneedling to improve the appearance of the skin. The Scarlet facial uses radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, while the Vampire facial delivers platelet-rich plasma deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production. Both treatments can be enhanced with the addition of platelet-rich fibrin or platelet-rich plasma for added growth factors.

What Snail Slime Does For Skin

Interested to learn what snail slime does for skin? Find out if it’s right for you and what other anti-aging alternatives are available.

Can You Trust CBD Skin Care

Find out how you can trust CBD skin care claims and why topical CBD can be beneficial for nearly all skin types, including eczema.

FDA Asked to Recall Sunscreens

Discover why FDA Asked to Recall Sunscreens. Learn how to protect yourself from the recent carcinogenic contaminant found in SPF products. Get informed about this byproduct, benzene.

Choosing the Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the best sunscreen for your skin tone has always been a sore spot for me. Working as a makeup artist and esthetician in major cities, my clientele ran the gamut from light skin to dark. Often, the sunscreen color was too white, making the skin look chalky or ashy. This challenge forced me to…

How Blue Light Affects Our Skin

Discover how blue light affects our skin, impacts our sleep and circadian rhythm. Learn tips on how to prevent skin damage and keep your skin healthy.

How Skin Reacts to PCOS

Learn how skin reacts to PCOS by understanding how hormonal changes, diet and BPA play a roll. Uncover simple ways to improve the condition.

How Humidifiers Affect Dry Skin

Discover how humidifiers affect dry skin and what you can do to balance moisture in the air. Learn tips that help you deal with humidity and lack thereof.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Learn the unexpected benefits of intermittent fasting to decide if it’s right for you. Discover skin and health benefits simply by changing your meal times.

Can HRT for Menopause Improve Skin

Discover how HRT for menopause can improve the skin. Hormone replacement therapy is life-changing. Understand how to choose the right therapy for you.

Does Menopause Change Your Skin

Most of the skin changes that happen in menopause can be traced back to reduced collagen and elastin levels. Up to one third of collagen is lost during the first 5 years of menopause. This loss of collagen makes skin less firm, thinner, more fragile, and prone to wrinkles. Furthermore, reduced elasticity can make pores appear larger as they no longer snap back into place.

What to Expect During Menopause

A discussion on what to expect during menopause. We’ll review everything from when menopause begins to hot flashes and in-between.

What Happens Leading Up to Menopause

What happens leading up to menopause is a big issue for women. There are many facets to aging, so let’s start out by tackling perimenopause, and subsequent posts will cover menopause entirely.

How Medication and Beauty Patches Work

After writing a post on instant face lifts I was interested to find out how medication and beauty patches work. For starters, the official name for a patch is “transdermal” since it transfers medication into your skin.

Can the Keto Diet Improve Skin?

The theory works like this: if you cut out sugars and other carbs, your body will be forced to burn fat and it will learn to do so faster and more efficiently. Without carbs, the body enters into a state of “ketosis”.

Why Is My Neck Sagging

Trust me when I say that one day you will wake up and ask yourself the question “why is my neck sagging”.

What’s the Deal with Milk Alternatives?

In a nutshell, milk alternatives are better for the environment. Plus, factory-farming is a nasty business and unless you’re getting your milk straight from the teat, you can bet the cow wasn’t that happy when they donated it to your breakfast cereal.

Are Nut Milks Helpful for your Skin

This may be a nutty question, but are nut milks helpful for your skin? With more time on my hands due to the pandemic, I’ve been preparing most of our meals myself. More thought than usual has gone into keeping food interesting and not mundane. In the mornings I’ve been trying out various fruit shake…

Can We Purify the Air with Plants?

Can we purify the air with plants? Once the pandemic started people began looking for ways to sanitize everything around us. The air is no different.

To Tan or Not to Tan on Vacation

In this post, we will be uncovering the best places to tan or not to tan on vacation based on latitude (distance from the equator), altitude, cloud coverage, and UV Index. 

How Pillowcases Help With Wrinkles and Acne

Beauty rest is essential to good skin, but let’s see how pillowcases help with wrinkles and acne. I used to only pay attention to thread count, cotton-types, weaves, and silk when trying to find bedding and now there’s even more to consider! As I go through life I hear clients and friends discussing night sweats…

Is Retinol the Best Anti-aging Cream?

Is retinol the best anti-aging cream? The short answer is yes, depending on your skin type. Let’s explore the reasons and compare retinol with its cousin, Retin-A.

How to Deal with Maskne

“As we were clinking our glasses on New Years Eve, who knew that we’d be adding a new word into our lexicon and having to deal with Maskne in 2020?”

Wearing Masks and Cleaning Them

“A lot of us are facing daily challenges with wearing masks and cleaning them. Long gone are the days of traditional surgical and N95 masks. There are many options of hand sewn masks to choose from and each one is unique in style and fit. As cool as it is to rock stylish masks to reflect your mood it isn’t always fun and games inside the mask.”